Aulisa L, Bizzi B, Caione P et al. Evaluation Study on the activity and tolerability of Papulex® oil-free cream. Nuove Prospettive in Terapia(Suppl. 1). 2009;3-7.


  • Post marketing study on the safety and efficacy of Papulex™


  • 514 patients, with Comedonic, Papular, Papulo-pustular and Comedonic/other acne


  • On average, Papulex™ was used 1 to 2 times a day over 6 weeks


  • Evaluated after week 3 and 6 (dermatologists and general practitioners) and patients via overall “assessment of the treatment” categorised as: effective, mildly effective and not effective
Aulisa et al Case Study Chart


  • After 3 weeks 55% of specialists and 50% of patients noted that Papulex™ was effective.
  • After 6 weeks 85% of specialists and 79% of patients noted that Papulex™ was effective
  • 0.8% of the specialists and 1.5% of the patients stated that Papulex™ was not effective after 6 weeks
  • Less than 10% of patients reported side effects. Most common side-effect was erythema in 4% of treated patients


  • Papulex™ is effective for all forms of mild to moderate acne
  • Well-tolerated for long-term use with a low incidence of side effects